We produce limited edition books and prints. We do this to please ourselves, to celebrate art and books, and to showcase the work of artists and designers we love. We hope you will love them too.

The Little Book Project

  • Limited Edition
  • 500 copies only
Signed and numbered by the artists

The Little Book Project is our way of making beautiful art accessible and affordable in book form (in case it's not obvious, books are our favourite medium). We select artists we would like to collaborate with and produce a set of two notebooks, one lined for writing and one blank for drawing, featuring their work on the cover. Each book comes with an edition certificate in the form of a miniature artwork, signed by the artist.

The first set of notebooks has just been published and we will continue to publish new sets with new artists, and use continuous numbering so you can collect them all until infinity.

And though these are limited to just 500 copies we hope you will not be precious with them. They will only truly be a limited edition when they are filled by you.

About the Artists

In seeking out artists for the Little Book Project we look for people who are not only doing something interesting, but doing it with absolute skill and integrity. Each and every one of our artists deserves to be sitting on every bookshelf, facing out.

Denise is an Irish illustrator and designer whose work first caught our attention when a friend showed us a beautiful drawing called 'Fall Asleep'. Denise's mesmerizing pencil drawings recreate a reality perfectly and yet there's something ethereal about them. She tells us something special about the subjects of her work without even knowing she's doing it. Visit Denise Nestor's blog to see more of her beautiful work.